Wow.  When I accepted my co-blogger’s invitation to join her on this whacky New Year’s resolution, I thought maybe some of my friends would occasionally click over here from facebook.  I never expected to have a blog post “freshly pressed” (didn’t even know what that meant), much less to have this kind of traffic!  To be honest, I had kind of hoped the blog would remain in relative obscurity – part of the goal was to spend less rather than more time on the Net.  Nevertheless, I appreciate all the visits and comments, and I’m heartened that others are thinking about the question the last post dealt with.

I suspect readership will drop off in a couple of days once the post is no longer freshly pressed.  In case any of you do stick around for the ride, though, I wanted to let you know my new parameters for comments (if I should ever write another post that gets flooded with comments).  In the future I intend to read and respond to comments only twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.  Responding to the comments on the freshly pressed post, I noticed the very things Carr describes in his book, and I’m trying to get away from this pattern.

To find out more about the nature of this blog, see the About section and the links to the first two posts there.  Thanks for stopping by!